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Brick Kiln Lane ('Bricklin Lane') 2015.
2002, The Gornal Earthquake
Monday 23 September 2002.
At six minutes to one o'clock in the morning an earthquake struck the central region of England.
Britain is not a place normally associated with earthquakes, and at 4.8 Richter the affects were widely felt all around the central region as well as here in Gornal, this was one of the bigger ones that Britain occasionally gets, but not large enough for any sort of devastation.
It was later calculated that the epicentre of the quake was right here in Gornal albeit six miles below Brick Kiln Lane.
1985, Gornal enters the Space Race?
Well not quite, but a remarkable incident nevertheless.
A boiler exploded at CD Fields abattoir in Lake Street devastating the building and launching the six foot high boiler skyward, after a brief flight it crashed through the roof of a house in Leafy Rise 400 yards away.
It is equally remarkable that no one was hurt in the incident.
1956: Birmingham Post, December 4th.
10-ton Road Roller Out of Control.
  A ten-ton diesel road roller became out of control on a steep hill at Stickley Estate, Lower Gornal, yesterday, and crashed on its side, two feet from the front room where there was a mother with her two year old son.
  The driver, who struggled to control the vehicle before jumping clear, suffered a slight knee injury. The roller crashed into the front garden. A wall gave way beneath it as it rolled on its side.