The Gornal 'Spake'
Words and sayings particular and perculiar to the area.
Many words and sayings are in common with the general Black Country dialect, however the pronounciation may differ and some sayings seem to be unique.
In many cases vowels; "a" changes to "o"; "o" to "e" and "e" to "a" and so on, but no general rule seems to apply.
Random words added - work in progress......
ahn ours "it's ahn' it's ours
aich each
airun one, any "av yow got airun' have you got one
aye am not, is not as in letter A, "I aye gooin" - "I am not going"
afower before 'i towd yow afower' I told you before
ahfish dim-witted 'yowm a bit ahfish, aye ya'
aweright? alright said sharply, often used singularily as a greeting requesting a singular 'aweright' response
berra better
bibble pebble
bin been "bin to Gornal", "ah bin ya"
blether balloon or any other 'bag o wind'
bay not "i bay gooin" I am not going
bonk bank (hill) plenty of these in Gornal
bost, bosted broke, broken
clarnit idiot, fool
claen clean
coo-ut coat two syllables
cor, cort can't
con or cun can
day didn't 'I day do it'
do-ah door
dahn down
dow don't "dow do tha" 'don't do that' e.g. soft or silent 't'
'eren hers
eyam here you are (as in giving someone something) sounds like 'yam' thus 'yam yam' (someone from the Black Country)
eyay'ere he is not here
fake cigarette
fun found
faerse face
fust first
gain useful "it's gain aye it"
gee it neck 'give up'
gee, gee-in gave, giving
giz give "giz it ere"
goo, gooin, agooin go, going, am going e.g. "I aye gooin"
glassen glass e.g. "glassen bottle"
har yes with a soft letter 'r'
harden yed'ed hard headed Often a decription for a boystrous junior.
hisen his
jed dead
kays keys
laerk hit, smack 'I'ul laerk yer ear'ole
lezzer field Probably from the old English, leasowes (field)
loff laugh
meda meadow
moo'ah more
nairun none Opposite of airun (any)
noggin yed stupid person
oss horse
omma hammer
ond hand
owd old
off the 'ooks ill Off the hooks, not at work, possibly mining origins?
opple apple
pack o' saftness stupid stupid thought or deed (see also 'saft')
Peckel Dick Goldfinch
pook, puk picked Pronounced somewhere between puk and pook
poch, pochin up to no good
pur put "ween ya pur-it", "where have you put it"
puss purse
que'ah annoyed, angry "he's a que'ah un", said of an unfriendy person.
rahnd round
saft silly "dow be saft", don't be silly
sate seat
saylin ceiling
sheed spill
snap working mans lunch
sid seen 'av yow sid this' have you seen this
siden side (crooked) Used where something isn't straight. "on a siden"
smosh smash
snuk sneeked 'Them thut snuk in, cun snuk aht'
spake speak
stond stand
sond sand
suck sweet (candy) 'suck shop' sweet shop
summat something
tay tea, isn't  "Tay pot", "tay that" - "isn't that"
tek take
towd, towdjah told, told you
ull will "yow ull", you will
wammel animal usually a dog
weer, ween where "weer is he", "ween ya pur-it"
werrit, werritin worry, worrying "what yow werritin abaht"
wim we are
wik week
winda window
Wo(w) won't, will not
wor wasn't Pronounced with a soft 'r'
wuss, wusser worse
yed head
yorn, yoren yours "is this yorn?", "it must be yoren"
yow, yowm you, you are Pronounced as in yo-yo, "yow did" see also 'ya'
ya you Pronounced as in ya(hoo), "ah bin ya"-"how are you"