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Bellows Manufacturing
Bellows Manufacturing took place as early as 1850 in Upper Gornal, Peter Greathead first established a factory there.
John Greathead was listed in 1861 census as a bellows maker, living in Pale Piece, Upper gornal
Bellows were extensively used in the 19th Century in the Gornal area for use in the nail workshop forges and also as ventilators for mining, so it is no surprise that there was such demand.

Advert from 1880
The Greathead factory was twice stricken by a fire which destroyed the manufactory firstly in 1859 and then again in 1866.
See 'Great Fire near Wolverhampton' in the Old News pages.
Edward Leek, Upper Gornal.
Edward Leek married Peter Greathead's daughter Julia in 1855, he was also a bellows manufacturer.
It is possible that Edmond Leek took over the Greathead factory in the later part of the 19th Century.
Edmond Leek & Son was listed as bellows makers in the 1916 trade directory.
Edward Elwell, Upper Gornal.
Listed in a trade directory as a Spade & Shovel Manufacturer, Upper Gornal.
A number of Fire Iron Manufacturers were working in Upper Gornal in 1851, including Joseph Porter and William Mills.